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How to Get Quick Results From Online Italian Learning

Be ready to get quick results from online Italian learning in a fun and simple way, exactly like I did.

“All roads lead to Rome” the old saying goes and most people agree. You may not realize it, but language learning stems from Latin, the language of the Romans.

According to Wikipedia, ‘the origins of modern language education are in the study and teaching of Latin in the 17th century.’

As you can see, all roads lead to Rome and so does education. Are you interested in learning a Romance language? Press the button and sign up for a free trial.

Why Learn a New Language and, Above All, Why Italian?

In our multilingual world, connections are more important than ever. Knowing a second language might always give you an enormous advantage in an increasingly globalized world.
Taking up a new language may be useful both personally and professionally. Even though it may seem like a challenging task at times, there are several advantages to doing it. Furthermore, finding the appropriate materials and interacting with native speakers has never been easier.
Being bilingual (or trilingual) offer real benefits:
– opens up a world of opportunities
– helps you meet new people and communicate with them
– increases your self-confidence
– enables you to travel the world and understand different cultures

3 Reasons for Learning Italian

How Long Does It Take to Learn Italian and Get Quick Results?

FSI clasifies Italian as a “Category one” language, which suggests that it is one of the easiest languages to become proficient in in about 24-30 weeks (600-750 class hours).

If you are committed and eager to achieve fluency, you may be able to do it in 24 weeks, but these statistics are approximations in my opinion. A variety of different factors determine how long it will take you to learn Italian.

I’m afraid you won’t get quickly results if you merely study or take only one Italian class each week.

Let me take myself as an example

Learning the Italian language was a simple and straightforward process for me, in part because Romanian and Italian are similar, in part because I was living in Italy and had constant exposure to the language.
Nevertheless, I truly feel that the most important factor that contributed to my success was my determination to study assiduously every single day.
I wasn’t satisfied with solely picking up the language, as many of my friends did. I wanted to master the language, not just be able to communicate with the locals. It took me around 3 months, that is 12 weeks to reach basic fluency, pass an interview entirely in Italian and get my first job. In the end, all my hard work paid off.

I can’t say the same about studying English, which was the total opposite of learning Italian. Romanian and English couldn’t be more different. Moreover, I was still living in my own country while I studied English, therefore there was no immersion in the language. Eventually, all of my efforts were rewarded, just like with the Italian language.

I am now fluent in both Italian and English and currently studying French and German.

Elements that influence how long it takes to be able to speak Italian

As previously said, a number of variables affect how long it takes you to gain fluency, including your first language, starting level, knowledge of other languages, motivations, ambitions, time spent studying, and frequency of practice. Some may argue that age is a barrier to reaching objectives, particularly in terms of pronunciation, and I completely agree, yet one of my dedicated students was a wonderful lady of a certain age who worked really hard and improved her Italian in no time.

Now I am ready to share my learning experience with others and reveal some of my learning tips and strategies that will help you get quick results.

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