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This Is How I Learned Italian (The Easier, Better Way)

I’ll tell you how I learned Italian by myself so thoroughly that I was able to pass along my knowledge to at least 200 students.

I learned Italian on my own

Who I Am and What I Do

This Is How I Learned Italian by Myself

Tip Number 1: Buy a Guidebook and a Grammar Book

Tip Number 2: Learn Chunks, Not Single Words

Tip Number 3: Study Basic Grammar Points

I then flipped open my grammar book. You detest grammar, I know. So I did. I wasn’t in a good mood or psychologically ready to practice my Italian grammar, but if I wanted to succeed I needed to change my learning approach. If you understand it, grammar is simple to master. Otherwise, have someone explain it to you. I addressed the problem directly and studied BASIC grammar. I focused on learning just one grammar rule at a time and made sure I grasped it well. I would always use the terms I had learned.

Tip Number 4: Ask Native Speakers to Correct You