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How to Have an Informal Conversation and Get Better Results

Informal conversations in Italian

1-to-1 Informal Conversation sessions in Italian will help you speak more fluently and achieve better results. Scroll down to find out what an informal chat is. This type of lesson is intended for intermediate and advanced students. If you are a ‘principiante’ (beginner), you are welcome to schedule a Structured Lesson.

Are you planning a trip to Italy and would like to improve your speaking and listening skills? Do you like to practice your grammar, hold a casual conversation in Italian, chat about Italian culture, or just learn new words in context?

You are more than welcome to have a chat with me ‘ chiacchierare con me ‘ if the answer is yes.

Please sign up for one of my Structured Lessons if you are a beginner learner.

Last but not least, if you just want to have a FREE trial, click the button above.

Topics Covered in This Section

What is an informal conversation

Who is this course for

Why take an informal lesson

What is included in the price

What is An Informal Conversation

The goal of a Conversation Practice class is typically to develop your conversational abilities. The emphasis is on spoken communication, with the objective of getting you to the point where you can operate in a wide range of everyday situations.

To begin with, our casual Italian classes will help you improve your fluency and speak better Italian. Additionally, you’ll learn how to communicate with native speakers.

Second, during our informal conversation practice, we can talk about current events or a subject of interest to you.

Lastly, if necessary, I will clarify (but not teach) grammar aspects and make adjustments to pronunciation, as it is critical to learn how to pronounce words correctly.

It is helpful for those who have previously learned Italian and wish to refresh their knowledge.

This course will suit your needs whether you’re preparing for a test, your career, a foreign trip, or simply for fun.

Why Take an Informal Lesson

This course will help you to:

Boost your SELF-CONFIDENCE, so what better way is there to achieve it? Learn REAL Italian to better prepare yourself for day-to-day situations in real life.

Improve your Italian vocabulary. You will get the chance to study and use new vocabulary in authentic Italian sentences and expressions.

Sharpen your listening and pronunciation skills.

A 40-minute one-on-one informal conversation class on Zoom costs 18 Euros. Here is a link to an online currency converter .

If you prefer to purchase a package of lessons, then the fees are the following:

5-Lesson Package – 85 Euros valid for 30 days.

10-Lesson Package – 160 Euros valid for 60 days.

Please check the FAQs on the Contact page for additional details.

The price includes:

One, five or ten one-on-one Conversation Lessons

Learning resources: Google slides

Interactive worksheets for vocabulary

Regular assessment and feedback

Support by email during business hours