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9 Reasons Why You Should Learn How to Read in Italian

Learn how to read in Italian

Reading lessons will teach you how to read in Italian and develop comprehension.

Learn How to Read in Italian Through Italian Stories

You can’t expect to become fluent in Italian by simply flipping open a book. I understand that you don’t want to “waste” time reading, but rather begin conversing with locals, visiting Italy, and confidently ordering an espresso (not eXpresso) like a native speaker. However, in my experience as a language learner, if you want to learn Italian properly, you must practice reading and learn how to do it. Fluency requires this essential step, and the sooner you begin to read, the better.

You can constantly boost your vocabulary by reading Italian regularly. Consistency is the key to success. Daily reading practice for 20 minutes can make a big difference.

If you are just starting out with Italian, most books will be too complicated to comprehend, include language that is significantly above your level, and be so long that you will quickly feel discouraged and quit. That is why it is of vital importance to read books that suit your level.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be Italian literature, but anything that will keep you interested would be enough: news, articles, novels, magazines, or even children’s textbooks. Yes, don’t look surprised: children’s books use simple, easy-to-understand language and easy grammar that will help in learning to read. I strongly suggest NOT pausing reading every two sentences to look up words unless there is a specific word that is impeding comprehension.

I Have Listed 9 Reasons Why You Should Read in Italian

Speeds up fluency

Builds on vocabulary

Improves pronunciation

Makes you smarter

Helps you relax

Boosts self-confidence

Helps With Grammar

Improves writing skills

reduces stress

What is a reading lesson

Who is this course for

Why take a reading class

What is included in the price

Free reading resources

A reading lesson consists of activities that activate your prior knowledge, introduce new vocabulary in context, and engage you before, during and after reading. The main goal of this course is to improve your Italian comprehension through Italian stories.

A warm-up activity will be included in the before-reading stage, such as images, mind-mapping, brainstorming ideas, predicting the storyline, or looking at major headlines).

The during-reading phase consists of reading aloud a text and doing interactive tasks related to the content, usually gap-fills or true-or-false exercises.

The last step is called after-reading, during which you will use the new text-related vocabulary through creative discussions, short writing, or quizzes.

A reading lesson is for students of all levels, but especially for beginners who find it difficult to discover appropriate material for their level. You should take this kind of class if you are aware of these difficulties. From crime and thrillers to science fiction and fantasy, there is something for everyone.

You will quickly lose track of the fact that you are reading in a foreign language as you dive into engaging stories and find yourself lost in the captivating world of Italian.

A reading session will help you to:

Speed up fluency since written words are more memorable and simpler to recall.

Improve your pronunciation and listening skills

Learn how to write and spell correctly

A 40-minute one-on-one reading session on Zoom costs 20 Euros. Here is a link to an online currency converter .

If you prefer to purchase a package of lessons, then the fees are the following:

5-Lesson Package – 95 Euros valid for 30 days.

10-Lesson Package – 180 Euros valid for 30 days.

Please check the FAQs on the Contact page for additional details.

The price includes:

One, five or ten one-on-one Reading Lessons

Plans for your classes that are customized to your needs

Learning resources: Google slides

Interactive worksheets for grammar and vocabulary

Regular assessment and feedback

Support by email during business hours

There are many free resources available online to assist you in learning Italian, but I strongly advise using the ones that helped me to become fluent in the language.

Beginner Level

Una canzone per cinque

Short texts followed by comprehension questions

Short stories for beginners

Intermediate level

An amazing long list of articles called dual-language articles

101 conversations in intermediate Italian

Tango by Mauro dei Rossi

Advanced Level

A famous Italian online newspaper

Parallel texts suitable for those who have a good grasp of Italian

La fuga di Bach