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Why Structured Lessons Actually Work Best for Beginners

Structured Italian lessons for beginners

In my experience structured lessons actually work best for beginners – You’ve most likely been attending Italian classes for months or years and are still unable to hold a basic conversation in Italian. Does that ring a bell for you? Or, despite learning Italian grammar and vocabulary on your own, are you still unable to understand native speakers? You will learn Italian greetings in our structured lessons, as well as how to tell the time and say things like “Good morning,” “Good night,” and “Happy Birthday” in Italian. I’ll also teach you some of the hand gestures used by Italians in various everyday situations.

What is a structured Italian lesson

Who is this course for

Why take a structured lesson

What is included in the price

The objective of a general course objective is to develop skills in all four areas, including reading, listening, writing, and speaking. Structured Italian lessons are sessions where you receive individualized support to help you learn the language. I will try my best to answer your questions, help you improve your Italian, and use what you have learnt.

Our first lesson will focus on identifying your learning goals and expectations. Following our first meeting, I will create tailor-made lesson plans according to your Italian level.

My introductory course in general Italian includes a broad range of areas and is primarily divided into two sections:

The first section focuses mainly on the study and analysis of Italian grammar and the language’s structural components. You will reinforce your learning with activities you do both in class and at home after I have led the class through a particular topic.

Interactive activities in the second section encourage your written and verbal expression while building communication skills.
I will assist you in developing a comprehensive understanding of the Italian language through games, role-playing, reading, dialogues, listening drills, songs, films, and dictations.

Learning pronunciation (la pronuncia) is essential because we speak and write Italian in the same way. That is the encouraging news. 
The bad news is that Italian pronunciation includes double consonants that must be stressed when speaking.
That is why it is so crucial to learn proper word pronunciation. For instance, when someone says ‘Ho sete’, they mean ‘I’m thirsty’ as opposed to ‘Sono le sette‘, which means’ It’s seven (o’clock)’.

I provide a structured Italian language course for students who want to master the basics of the Italian language. This course is for you if you are a beginner with little or no knowledge of Italian.

Students who want to learn the Italian language in depth may sign up for this general Italian language course. On the contrary, if you need to focus more on speaking then an Informal Conversation session would be more suitable.

By the end of the course you will be able to

Communicate at a basic level in typical situations while travelling to Italy

Build fundamental Italian grammar skills in order to converse and comprehend at a survival stage

Improve your language comprehension, expand your vocabulary, and better comprehend grammatical structures

Learn how to address a variety of situations while taking into account other opinions and cultural differences.

A 40-minute one-on-one general Italian class on Zoom costs 22 Euros. Here is a link to an online currency converter .

If you prefer to purchase a package of lessons, then the fees are the following:

5-Lesson Package – 105 Euros valid for 30 days.

10-Lesson Package – 200 Euros valid for 60 days.

Please check the FAQs on the Contact page for additional details.

The price includes:

One, five or ten one-on-one Structured Lessons

Plans for your classes that are customized to your needs

Learning resources: Google slides

Interactive worksheets for grammar and vocabulary

Regular assessment and feedback

Support by email during business hours